Top Micro-Influencers in 2022

Meet the newest heavyweights of the influencer scene: micro-influencers. 

Micro-influencers have long been overlooked in favour of celebrity and mega-influencers and their squillions of followers and glamorous lifestyles. However, micro-influencers are now being recognised for their talent and their offering of unprecedented levels of engagement that mega-influencers can only dream of.

I have scoured the internet to bring you my ultimate list of micro-influencers that I would work with.

Perfect for those brands looking for maximum engagement over maximum reach, these just might be the influencers to take your brand to the next level.


Family + Lifestyle

Emily is a mum of two gorgeous little girls who lives in the city of churches in Adelaide. She loves working with small businesses and creating beautiful and engaging content. With a passion for photography coupled with a genuine audience who is engaged, Emily is an influencer to keep an eye on! 


Fashion + Blogging

If you are looking for an influencer who screams body positivity and all things lingerie, Bonnie is your gal. For the past 5 years she has been a blogger and content creator for lingerie and swimwear brands as well as starting a body positive movement called Positively Glittered. You won’t see any photoshopped images on Bonnie’s page with her message being “embrace the skin that you are in”.


Fashion + Lifestyle

Rebecca is the definition of a multitalented influencer. From copywriting, content creation to modelling and photography, there really isn’t anything she can’t do! In her first year of influencing alone, Rebecca worked with over 20 brands including Melli CosmeticsThe Beauty Box Club AU, Kultcha Collective, Porter Blue Apparel, Lash Lovin You, House Of Lacuna, Tramps & Thieves, Activate Foods, Lanamara, Harlequin Belle & Divine Tribe… just to name a few. With her followers growing by the day, she is definitely an influencer in the fashion space to keep your eye on!




Bel is a worker; a station hand, educator, nurse, bartender & business owner all in one. She is a travel influencer who documents all of her exciting travels around Australia! In 2021 – she spent time up north adventuring and working and is now hitting the road with a bunch of clothes, 4×4 and a swag ready to tackle SA and the Territory. She loves creating content to empower other women, to take charge of their bodies and love the skin they’re in, and show them that you can travel solo and enjoy (almost…) every minute of it! 


Fashion + Beauty 

Azy is a Brisbane-based influencer, content creator, model, a stepmom to 2 gorgeous young ladies, and a mum to 2 adorable fur babies.

Not your typical “Beauty Blogger” or “Fashion Stylist”, Azy is all about empowering women over 40 to be their most confident selves and to find their identity through style, fashion, and positive mindset. Because she only works with brands that she genuinely loves, she has been able to build a fiercely loyal following who engage and relate to her content


Food + Parenting 

This account is definitely a favorite for all those parents out there that dread trying to think of meals to cook for their little ones. As a kid and family food recipe blogger who loves creating ongoing campaigns on my blog and social media, Kylie gets over 160k page views a month! With a serious love for food and photography, Kylie can make any product shine. 


Fashion + Lifestlye + Fitness

This bright spark is bound to bring joy into your day no matter what mood you are in. She is all about loving her mind, body, and soul, no matter where she is in her life journey, and encourages her audience to feel the same.  She is a huge advocate for body confidence and strives to inspire her followers to love the skin they are in. 



Jacinta is a mum of three kiddies who share their busy (and fun) day-to-day life. It is pretty obvious from her little ones’ faces that they enjoy the content that they are sharing with their smiles beaming from ear to ear. From board games, craft activities, books, and more, Jacinta shows her audience how to entertain their kids with all of the new trends. 


Parenting + Lifestyle 

If you are looking for a genuine and honest influencer, Emma is your go-to gal.

She shares REAL reviews of everyday products for all members of the family with snippets of what they get up to in their day-to-day life.  From beauty products, food, kids toys and everything between, Emma is a fabulous content creator who knows how to get that money shot. 




Family + Parenting

Tania is surely to be a parent’s favorite! As a teacher in her day job, Tania has some amazing tips and tricks when it comes to parenting and home learning. She shares products from small Aussie businesses (which I love) and connects with her audience with ease. If you are a parent who is pulling their hair out at home trying to entertain your kiddies, follow Tania for inspo! 


Parenting + Eco + Sustainability

Krystal is a mum from QLD who shares her family adventures and motherhood journey (all the highs, lows, and in between) She is also sharing her journey in making the change to more clean, eco, and sustainable options and is an inspiration to all families who want to do the same. 


Family + Body Positivity

Stacey is a full-time working mum of two beautiful girls, located in NSW. She enjoys sharing all things mum and work life balance (which is a tough skill to master!) and is passionate about self-love and mental health. She is open about her own mental health struggles and how motherhood takes it toll on not only mental health, but the way mums feel about their bodies after growing babies! Stacey enjoys sharing plus size fashion with her audience and is passionate about sharing products that she genuinely loves!


Family + Fashion

Hayley is located on the beautiful surf coast in Victoria and loves sharing her family life and showing that mum life is not always glamorous. She wants to convey to her followers that she is your everyday mum who has her ups and downs (and a strong drink every now and then). Hayley is all about body positivity and sharing with her followers her journey in becoming a mum and the body transformations that come with growing babies. She shares honest reviews and has a highly engaged following who thoroughly enjoy her content which is evident from the engagement on her Instagram!


Lifestyle + Family

With a following of over 13k, Dayu shares with her followers all things beauty, lifestyle, family and #rawmummoments.

Dayu is all about love & care. It is her goal to normalise that self love isn’t selfish for all those mamas out there and that you cannot pour from an empty cup! Of course, living in beautiful WA means that she has the most amazing backdrops to work with and keeps her insta grid full of crisp, clean images. Beauty and lifestyle brands – take note! 


Family + Lifestyle

Michelle is the mama of two beautiful girls who shares her honest and real journey through parenthood through her socials. She is super passionate about working with small business and you can see from her Instagram that she enjoys getting creative with her content. Through sharing her journey with infertility and mental health, Michelle has built a loyal and genuine following who are constantly engaging with her account. With her love of reels and marketing background, Michelle is an Influencer to keep an eye on.



Fashion + Parenting

If you are looking for a stylish mama who shares all things health, parenting, fitness and fashion – Loz is your go to. With a beautifully curated feed, impeccable style and beautiful personality, Loz has been able to grow her account with a genuine and authentic audience who are consistently showing up in her comments. Pregnant with baby number three (due in April) Loz shows no sign of slowing down!


Attention Micro Influencers

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