The Influencer Engagement Lab 

The only Instagram engagement course you need. Teaching Influencers step-by-step how to engage on the gram’ and attract your dream brands.


If you have found yourself landing here, there are already a few things I know about you... 

You have a love hate relationship with Instagram. You know that you have amazing content to share but you feel like Instagram just isn’t showing your audience.

Engaging on Instagram feels like an absolute chore and you are tired of spending hours scrolling on the gram’ only to find yourself more frustrated at the damn algorithm (we’ve all been there)

You are commenting and engaging with other accounts, waiting for your audience to respond but you get the sound of…. crickets.

Engaging on Instagram can make you feel like you are getting nowhere.

After scrolling endlessly and commenting here and there, no one responds and you are left wondering where the heck your audience is and why don’t they love your content?

Now before you give up and blame the damn algorithm, there is a way to increase your engagement on Instagram in less than an hour a day!

Okay, but why is my engagement rate so important?

Because now more than ever, brands are looking for influencers with a high engagement rate compared to followers (I know, shock horror!) So what does a high engagement rate actually do?

It Signals to a brand that your audience trusts you and your recommendations.

The algorithm favours and rewards posts with high engagement. The higher you boost your engagement, the higher the reach.

Makes you more attractive to brands so you can land paid collaborations!

If you really want to step up your influencer game and start making serious money from brand collaborations, you want to increase that engagement rate of yours. TODAY!


You already know how to engage on Instagram, you just need someone to give you the strategy to amplify your engagement!

You need structure

Not just another social media guru who is telling you what to do.

You need a simple and repeatable strategy that will get you the results.

A strategy that not only gives you clarity on where to engage but who to engage with.

You need strategy that will:

Drive potential followers back to your Instagram page.

Gives you back hours in your week

Have you working with your ideal brands

Get you out of those engagement pods and have you engaging with your ideal followers.

Over the past year, I have developed an engagement strategy on Instagram that I know WORKS!

How do I know this?

Because my clients tell me constantly how my strategy has helped skyrocket their engagement and followers on Instagram. Get more clients through the door and generate buzz around their Instagram account.

And now I want to share it with you


The Influencer Engagement Lab

Todays price just $27

My clients pay up $400 a month for me to use this strategy! This purchase gives you lifetime access to any updates to the course.

For the first time ever, I am sharing and teaching you my tried and tested strategy to help you boost your engagement and followers.



I will break down my entire strategy I use every single day to skyrocket my engagement and followers


Get a step by step guide on how to identify who you are as a brand so you can attract your ideal followers


Instagram has over 9 million users. Let me show you how to find your ideal follower and get them to hit that follow button!


You will learn how to craft an ideal follower avatar so you know exactly who your audience is AND how to easily find them.


That’s right, you will learn how to attract followers of the brands you want to work with. Trust me, there is a reason for this and it will blow your mind.


What’s the point of a strategy if you can’t measure your results? Let me show you how to understand your insights so you can sell yourself to brands



Walk away knowing how to engage on Instagram, where and how to find your biggest fans, and above all, get those insights going crazy so that brands cannot say no to working with you!